Harbour News July 2017

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Harbour News July 2017


After a somewhat sluggish early season the Marina is now going like the proverbial fayre with “Marina Full” signs already being posted up on several occasions.  It will therefore be interesting to see, come the end of this 2017 season, how it compares with the following statistical table – an entry in the Members Report for year ending 31st March 2017:

As indicated in last year’s report the Mallaig Marina Centre was officially opened on Saturday 16th April 2016 by Sir Cameron Mackintosh and located within the Centre are state of the art laundry, shower and toilet facilities as well as disabled and baby changing amenities all for use by patrons of the Marina.

Usage of the marina by visiting yachts was on a par with the previous year as the following statistical table would suggest:


Occupancy                  Short Stay

2016                    1482                             43

2015                    1481                             29

2014                    1503                             33

2013                    1338                             81

In addition to the above a further 91 vessels made use of the marina moorings.

I list below some other items contained in the Members Report:

  • Fish Pier Fendering Repairs

As reported last year an engineering inspection had identified problems with the fender system of the Fish Pier (originally constructed in 1971/72) and that urgent repair work was required to the lower walings, a number of the energy absorbing rubber elements at the head of the system, facing plates, replacement of five ladders, some lower ladder sections to be removed and replaced and the fitment of anodes.

Under the watchful eye of Harbour Engineers Wallace Stone, Contractor Gareloch Support Services completed all work by March 2017 at a total cost of £412,000.

  • Waste Oil

Waste oil collection figures for the year ending 31st March 2017 were as follows (last year’s figures in brackets):-

Waste Oil:                   22,200 litres   (12,640 litres)

Oily Water/Sludge:     64,600 litres    (39,350 litres)

  • Wi-Fi

Wi-fi coverage at the port was increased in December 2016 when a signal was relayed from the Marina to the Outer Harbour.  This provides wi-fi coverage throughout the harbour allowing seafarers connectivity to the internet, etc.

  • Westbay Road

The Authority is still actively considering the construction of a road linking Westbay Industrial Estate to the existing Council owned Mallaig Industrial Estate.  Talks, seeking Council input to the project, are currently ongoing.

Speed Limit On All Piers

To all Harbour Users 

You will be aware that we have introduced new markings on the piers including the red lines, car parking spaces, yellow no parking lines and a passenger walkway (incorporating a dropped kerb at the rear of the Fish Market Restaurant) down Lovat Pier to the Western Isles Ticket Office.

The Authority has also placed in-situ traffic calming measures on Lovat Pier which seem to be working well.

The next step is the erection of signage stating the speed limit as 10mph throughout the harbour area.

We realise the pier/harbour is a working area with workers ever present.  It also attracts visitors so these measures have been put in place to help ensure everyone’s safety.

Please note and more importantly, please observe, the speed limit of 10mph on all piers.

New Vessel

Here is the Annie E, the new 22 metre 1200hp workboat built for Morar’s Donald Ian McDonell approaching Mallaig Harbour on 10th June after its maiden voyage from Aalst, Holland where it was built by Neptune Marine at a cost of approx £3m.Harbour

The Annie E, which has a draught of 2.8 metres and an average speed of 7.4 knots, will complement Donald Ian’s existing workboat the Emma C.

The Mallaig Harbour Authority wish Donald Ian every success with his new venture.

Robert MacMillan


01687 462154


10 Year Masterplan

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The Authority’s 10 year Masterplan (published in January 2017) includes considerable growth plans for the Marina at Mallaig.  Details of this and, of course, the Masterplan itself can be found at the following address: www.mallaig-harbour.com


April 2016

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Ten Year Masterplan

The contract to produce a Ten Year Masterplan for Mallaig Harbour and the village has been awarded to Lymington, Hants based Fisher Consultants, a firm with extensive expertise in the production of Master planning documentation for Ports & Harbours.

Initial meetings between the Authority and Fisher Associates have been positive and the consultants have been able to assimilate information and ideas from two Harbour Stakeholders/Users Workshops which occurred in The Community Centre on Thursday 7th April.

Public consultation via an Open Meeting for anyone to attend, is scheduled for early July and will be advertised in West Word.

What is your vision for Mallaig Harbour going forward over the next 10-15 years.

We welcome your views/suggestions/ideas. Please forward them to info@mallaigharbourauthority.com at earliest.


Robert MacMillan


01687 462154


Marina News – October 2015

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Like most visitor related businesses in the village the Yachting Marina down at the Harbour got off to a pretty quiet and inauspicious start.  The amount of yachts rose steadily as the season progressed however and we ended up on parity with the 2014 season.

No of Vessels                          Moorings

Apr – Aug 2014                865                                         55

Apr – Aug 2015                865                                         63

With the Mallaig Marina Centre now complete and we have all our facilities in place the Authority expects an increase in Marina usage next year.


Robert MacMillan


01687 462154


Marina News – September 2015

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Mallaig Marina Centre

Yes, that is the name we have selected for “our” portion of the Marina Facilities Building currently being completed by Toby Robinson and his hard working Knoydart Construction Team.

With the Bakers Shop section of the building now operational the Marina Centre is also heading in that direction as the fitting out of the building continues via Wi-Fi, CCTV Camera’s and even BT phoneline and Broadband lines threatening to become operational.

However as the yachting season is now virtually over the Harbour Authority is under no great pressure to open the new facility so the fitting out and testing of showers etc will be done at a more relaxed pace.

Information Panels

The Information Panels on the plinths at The Esplanade, providing an insight into the evolution of Mallaig, have been met with universal acclaim and there have been several requests for the text & photos to be made available in some form of notelet or booklet format.  This possibility is currently being examined as is more fencing/seating/planters on the Esplanade.

Yachting Shorebase

The Village Plan/Information Board to be located on the plinth at the Yachting Shorebase has been delayed due to some technical issues.  These issues have been overcome however and the Plan is now with the sign makers and due for delivery later this month.

Highland Council

The Authority has held initial discussions with The Highland Council Roads Department regarding the provision of double yellow lines on both sides of the road around by the Marina Centre and in the approach to the Marina Shorebase.

The disabled parking bay at the head of Lovat Pier require to be marked out with the provision of a dropped kerb from the pavement close to the Fish Market Restaurant.

Extra signage to encourage/direct visiting vehicles to use the East Bay Parking facility will also be erected.


Robert MacMillan


01687 462154