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Your Health and Safety is important to us so to ensure your stay is both safe and enjoyable please heed the following important safety information.

VHF Communication

All vessels entering/departing the Harbour/Marina must call the Harbour Office on Channel 09 for clearance.

Channel 09 is the working channel for the Harbour & Marina.  Listening Channel is 16.

General Safety Advice

  • Take great care on slippery surfaces and steep inclines – particularly in cold and wet weather!
  • No jumping, running, cycling at any time on the Pontoon. Proper footwear should be worn at all times.
  • Young children should always be accompanied by an adult and should wear a lifejacket.
  • Non swimmers should wear a lifejacket while on the pontoon.
  • Dogs to be kept on a lead whilst on the pontoon.
  • Passengers on pleasure trips to gather at assembly point where they will be met and escorted to their vessel.
  • All workmen/tradesmen must wear a lifejacket when working on vessels at the pontoon.
  • Please locate and familiarise yourself with the position of the Marina Safety Equipment: Life rings, fire extinguishers, throw lines and emergency access ladders.
  • Always remember to disconnect your electrical cables before leaving berth.
  • Report all accidents, incidents and potential hazards to the Marina Office immediately.

Walkway Obstructions

  • Vessels moored on the pontoon must be properly secured.
  • No mooring ropes over any pontoon walkway at any time. Do not allow your vessels anchors/davits etc to overhang the walkways.
  • Steps, ladders, trolleys or other obstacles must not be left unattended on any of the walkways.

Environmental Emergency

During office hours please inform Marina/Harbour Staff immediately so any incident can be dealt with.

The Marina has spill kits available to deal with shore based spills and water contamination.  Both spill kits are located in the Marina store at the gate entrance.

We encourage you to keep a safe and tidy boat – do not allow litter to go over the side.

Marina Attendant 07824 331031: Marina Office 01687 462406: Marina Centre 01687 462571

Harbour Office 01687 46154: Out of Hours 07917 450167 (Harbour Master).

IN THE CASE OF AN EMERGENCY CALL 999 but please keep Marina Staff informed of the situation!


If you have any questions regarding safety at the Marina or wish to report an incident , equipment failure etc. please make sure that you contact a member of the Marina/Harbour Staff.                 Anything reported will be dealt with immediately by Harbour/Marina Staff.

May 2017

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